CCYLax strives to develop the fundamental skills of teamwork, good sportsmanship, fair play and honoring the game of Lacrosse. Come see what we are all about!

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Play Hard, Play Smart, Honor the Game

CCYLax Core Covenants

Clark County Youth Lacrosse believes that it is important to define our culture and establish guidelines for our players, coaches & parents to follow.

We understand that the lessons learned on the field of play will help guide our players to success on and off the field.


Play Hard - Effort, Teamwork, Enthusiasm

  • play together, play tough
  • putting the team's goals first before your own
  • play the game with joy and passion

Play Smart - Coachable Spirit, Mental Toughness, Communication

  • being prepared for every practice, every game
  • listening, learning, improving
  • sometimes we WIN, sometimes we LEARN
  • positive words, actions and attitudes create TRUST

Honor The Game - Respect, Sportsmanship, Community

  • play within the rules of the game
  • ROOTS - Respect Officials, Opponents, Teammates, Self
  • take responsibility for your actions.  you represent your school, family and community
  • Take care of your teammates
  • show up early, be helpful & appreciative of those that give their time for you to play.  Parents, Coaches, Refs, Volunteers