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Probably one of the most asked questions, what equipment does my player need?

We know that it might be confusing with all the different styles, colors and brands of gear out there.  We suggest keep it simple and affordable.  Here is a basic list of required gear. 

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask

For Boys Lacrosse

  • boys lacrosse stick
  • gloves
  • arm guards
  • chest protector
  • Helmet - make sure the helmet fits well.
  • mouthguard + 1 extra
  • protective cup
  • cleats (no baseball cleats)
  • water bottle

Helmet Safety note

Players should try on the gear for proper fit, especially the helmet.  Most items can be picked up used via craigslist but take warning on using used helmets.  Make sure they have their safety sticker intact and that the helmet fits your player.  The helmet is the number one safety equipment to take seriously.  Most helmets have a 3-5 year life cycle.  Buyer by ware.  If in doubt, buy a new one.

For Girls Lacrosse

  • girls lacrosse stick
  • goggles
  • mouthguard +1 extra
  • cleats (soccer cleats work best)
  • gloves (optional)
  • water bottle

As the rules of girls lacrosse, there is less contact and checking involved as the boys game.  This is the reason why the girls do not wear all the padding as the boys do.  However, some parents might need the peace of mind to outfit their player with a "soft head gear" protection.

US Lacrosse Equipment page

Lacrosse For ALL - Gear Rental


CCYLax Gear Rental Program

CCYLax is proud to offer a gear rental program for the upcoming season! The rental program is meant for first time players who may not want to buy all the gear and are unsure they will be playing more than one season. It is a first come/ first served program.

  • Cost for boys gear is $50.
  • Deposit for boys gear is $200. We ask that a check for the deposit is made out at the time of gear pick up. When the gear is returned, we give you your check back.
  • Boys Gear includes Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves and Stick


  • Girls Rental Program is $25
  • Deposit is $50
  • Girls rental gear includes a stick and goggles

Supply is limited with our rentals! For any questions about the gear rental, please contact us at